Family Vacation Demo

by dæphne

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4 jane


released July 4, 2014

Alexa twinkles
Ryan geets
Laura bazz
Caleb bangs

music written by dæphne
lyrics written by Alexa Johnson and Ryan Higgins

Recorded & mixed by Nick Paredes at Projectorhead Studio



all rights reserved


dæphne Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Winona Ryder
spending all your time breathing underwater. coming up for air has been the root of all your problems. the waves keep crashing over your mouth. the sound of your voice has been drowned out.
Track Name: What Summer Felt Like Behind Your Bedroom Door
longing for me to be something more than just me. meet me under the sheets, i'll feel your body close to mine. speaking out all of our secret things and losing track of time. summer haze, orange glow lit up your face. the wall is coming down, the light's been leaking in for days. i laid in bed awake that entire night. you were gone the next day and i forgot what it felt like.
Track Name: Driving Down a Country Highway Blasting Weezer
moving out, i'm asking you telling you in my head, i'm begging you please. you say you want to start over. and i will whisper to myself. no, i will say something. you can't break apart my family, you can't ruin what's ahead of me. you can't break apart my family, you can't see what you don't want to see. but one year later, i'll be back, and then i'll leave again. i know i tore you apart when i left, i don't think i can ever amend.
Track Name: Miscalculating Future Experiences
your voice is raspy over the poor connection. the squeaks and shakes are new to me, this is what longing feels like. and even when it all adds up, will it equal the ideal? you seem like perfection, but maybe i miscalculated. i think about you and it hurts me deep. i wish you hadn't had all these bad experiences before you met me. we could build a new future together, free of all your grief. i can make things better if you will let me. it's always going to the same park, always walking down the same streets. time and time and time again, but you still feel better to me. now it seems i don't want to waste your time. now it seems i don't want your fingers in mine. but when you laid there you plagued my head, wrapped in all the things you said. you made me feel so stupid.